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If you have a bad credit rating you have come to the right place! With Bad Credit Good Solutions you can find financial products specially designed for people with a bad credit history, including credit cards, bad credit loans and claim handlers, plus companies who will buy your unwanted goods or offer discounts on goods you want to buy. For each product we provide useful information and the option to compare different products and providers.

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On this site you can find the answers to various problems, from difficulties with debts to not being accepted for a loan, no matter if you are self-employed, a student or without a job, or if you have defaults or any bad credit history. Bad Credit Good Solutions is dedicated to finding information, resources, products and financial options just for you in other words, we find good solutions!

Bad Credit Good Solutions, helping you find the credit you need.

Bad Credit Good Solutions aims to offer you the best deals available on a wide range of financial products. We realise that these days there are a lot of people out there whose credit rating is not as good as they would like. However, there are still options out there available and we try to make those options more clear. It is true that the interest rates on various different loans can be more expensive if you have bad credit which is why we make sure that we list the representative APR clearly so you can get a good idea of how expensive each loan or credit card might be.

When using Bad Credit Good Solutions please be sure to take your time when considering which products to purchase. People can be extremely eager to find the payday loan, bad credit loan or credit card as quickly as possible but it must be remembered that these are serious financial products and they will vary. Before you purchase anything make sure that you have worked out exactly what you need. If it is credit you are looking for then keep the amount you borrow to a minimum and aim to get it paid back as soon as possible. Whatever you are interested try to take the time to find the best deal for you. Use the information provided and see which company has the best offer.

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